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    March 24th 2018
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    Every other Tuesday this summer!

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Welcome to Sodbusters R/C Club

In 1981 the founding members Frank Zocco, Ren Fetzer, Tim Mallet, Dean Everetts, John Boyd, Mark Glammeier, Terry Satterlee, and Jim Ricketts created a new club in the Sioux Falls area. The Sod Busters had a monthly newsletter called the, "R/C Flyers Newsletter". It had a logo of an airplane tail sticking out of the ground. Mark Glammeier and Chuck Erlandsen produced the newsletter. The club's first flying field was in Harrisburg. That field was lost due to a housing development. The club moved to another field in the Harrisburg area in 1987, and that lasted for several years, until that was lost to a housing development in the fall of 1998. During the loss of a flying field, the Sioux Falls RC'ers and Beresford Area Radio Flyers let us use their fields as guests until a new location was found. Dean Everetts found our current location in 1999, and went to Minnehaha County Commission meetings to get permission for us to use the property for RC flying. Sod Busters has hosted an RC auction for over 20 years. The first auction was at the Western Mall, then a church, then the VFW, and now at the American Legion.

About Us


David Hatt


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Tim Mallat

Vice President

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Marv Rozeboom

AMA Contact & Secretary

Latest Club Meeting

 There were 11 members present at last nites meeting. The discussion was centered around the upcoming annual fun fly on Sept 9th. The club is allowing $200 for the prize drawings. Drawings to be held sometime right after the lunch hour. Pres Dave will purchase the items. We are planning a drone demo from 10-11:30. There were no drone pilots present at the meeting, so, right now we cannot confirm that. We hope to have a large, all at one time, glider launch around 1-1:30 or so. If you have a glider, please bring it that day. Last year we had 7 in the air at one time. Let?s see if we can top that this year. Of course we need the same conditions we?ve had for the past two years (think we can make it 3 in a row?) If you have a special flying machine you would like to demonstrate, please tell Dave or Marv. There are no fees for being at this event. Just an AMA number and a desire for some good food, fun,and fellowship. There will be a pilots briefing at 9 am. If you plan to fly, PLEASE BE THERE FOR THAT! This will be very important as we now have two operational fields. Kurt Anderson was awarded a beautiful wall plaque thanking him for his many years of service as club president (8 or 10?) and his general interest in model aviation. Now that he is piloting that FedEx Caravan, he?s a pretty busy guy. Anyway we finally caught up with him. Thanks to Doc Walker for selecting this plaque and choosing the perfect wording for it.
Dave mentioned that there were a few parties interested in establishing an oval race track for RC cars south of the west field. This was quickly kicked out as that area would be a fly over zone of the west field. A beautiful night for flying. Both before and after the meeting. Thanks to those who attended the meeting. Any updates for the fun fly will be sent out as needed. C U the 9th! ---or before


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Membership to SodBusters is $20 a year, contact us for information.
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